Animal Tracker App

The miniature transmitters enable the scientists to precisely determine the position of the transmitting animals to within a few metres. However, they only rarely know what the animals are doing in these positions. Are they eating, and if so, what? Or are they resting? Are they alone or with lots of conspecifics? Is there interaction between the animals? Such observations are extremely important for interpreting movement data.

Animal Tracker is a free app that can be installed on smartphones. It enables anyone to document their own animal observations and make them accessible to the scientific community.

The Icarus researchers do not want to rely solely on the transmitters attached to the animals, but instead also plan to use the observations of large numbers of amateur animal-watchers worldwide. This gives everyone the opportunity to actively participate in research projects. On the trail of the white stork, the northern bald ibis and others – the Animal Tracker App for smartphones allows the routes of wild animals to be followed all over the world in real time.

Anyone watching a transmitting animal in nature can report their observations and thus help provide a better understanding of the movement data of animals. The Animal Tracker App installed on smartphones enables users to save their own observations and to upload photos. The data is stored in the Movebank Research Database and directly published on Animal Tracker – a platform used by hundreds of researchers to analyze, share, manage and archive movement data.

Take part in the research by becoming an animal tracker!

Introducing the Animal Tracker App

The Animal Tracker app is online, both on Google Play and Apple iTunes! It's available in both English and German!

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