Privacy Policy

All Icarus data are stored in the freely available online database Movebank of the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior. In order to make them permanently available for further analysis, they will be publicly accessible as far as possible. Only sensitive data will not be visible to the public.

The following guidelines apply to the scientific data obtained in Icarus:

  • All data collected by Icarus tags and forwarded through the Icarus system are stored in Movebank.
  • Each user provides metadata for the used tags every six months and confirms the validity of the metadata.
  • In order to improve Icarus services and access to the channels, users are required to specify the estimated range of use of the channel.
  • In Movebank only data of tags with assigned and confirmed metadata is stored.
  • All data received from a tag is accessible only to the owner of the tag for a period of three years from the date of receipt
  • After three years of exclusive access by the tag owner, the data becomes publicly available. All public data remains the intellectual property of the tag owner who generated the data. If this data is used, he must be named accordingly.
  • Users are not authorized to delete data archived in Movebank.
  • The Icarus Ethics Commission decides on request about exceptions to the guidelines, for example data of endangered species, data of specially protected species or if it is required by specific national law.
  • The service provider does not use the data for own commercial purposes.
  • Movebank and the services offered are subject to German law.
  • Organizations that want to use Icarus for commercial purposes can also use Movebank as access to their data. The service provider will provide a specific interface upon request.
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