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World map showing different animal species and their migration routes

By scaling up space-based tracking, an “internet of animals” can help us measure and mitigate change on the planet more

How land birds cross the open ocean

Migrating birds choose routes with the best wind and uplift conditions, helping them to fly nonstop for hundreds of kilometers over the sea more

Wing tags severely impair flight in African Cape Vultures

Study urges the use of leg bands for marking individuals instead of wing tags more

Bats on the rise

Bats on the rise

February 04, 2021

Bats carried aloft to almost 2,000 metres by air currents more

Archive of animal migration in the Arctic

A global archive with movement data collected across three decades logs changes in the behaviour of Arctic animals more

Odors as navigational cues for pigeons

Volatile organic compounds identified that can be used for olfactory navigation by homing pigeons more

Icarus starts first global research project

The scientific pilot phase of the earth-spanning animal observation system begins more

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