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Carrying small sensors, they could be the most sensitive and informative weather instruments of all

Group of wild boar

Accelerometers reading the behavior of wild boars can pick up when animals are infected with a fatal virus more

CubeSat with view of earth and animals

The tracking system has begun testing its new satellite receiver that will continue uninterrupted tracking of animals from space more

Fireworks have long-lasting impact on birds

Changes in the behavior of birds persist well after the fireworks end

By flying with hawkmoths during migration, scientists reveal the insects employ sophisticated flight strategies similar to vertebrates

Earth Ranger

Code-free conservation

July 14, 2022

System lets conservationists analyze animal tracking data quickly and easily for rapid protection of wildlife more

World map showing different animal species and their migration routes

By scaling up space-based tracking, an “internet of animals” can help us measure and mitigate change on the planet more

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