ICARUS Webinar

ICARUS Webinar

Facts, Figures, Possibilities for Participation

After a successful test phase lasting several months, the satellite-based animal observation system ICARUS started its global scientific operation in mid-September. At the heart of ICARUS are transmitters weighing four grams, which can even be attached to small animals such as songbirds. In the 1.5-hour webinar, technology and possibilities for acquiring the transmitters are presented and all interested parties are given the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the ICARUS experts.

Date + Time

Wednesday 2 December 2020, 10:30 - 12:00




  1. ICARUS (Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski, Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior)
  2. First experiences with different taxa (Prof. Dr. Roland Kays, North Carolina State University; Dr. Jesko Partecke, Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior; Dr. Louis van Schalkwyk, Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries South Africa)
  3. Movebank database and Animal Tracker App (Sarah Davidson, Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior)
  4. Technical details (Bernd Vorneweg + Dr. Elizabeth Yohannes, Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior)
  5. Acquisition of transmitters and opportunities for own research projects (Brigitta Keeves + Uschi Müller, Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior)
  6. Question and answer session with the experts present
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